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The Latest researh on LEDs

You may not know it, but LED lights frequent the news nowadays. LED light are being installed into street lights near you, there are studies about whether or not LED light exposure is bad or good for your health, and there is even news about crops that benefit from LED lights and supermarket items that don’t benefit from LED lights. Either way it seems like everyday another interesting study emerges. Below are a few recent topics in LED News:

Exposure to Blue Light can Enhance Brain Health: Being exposed to short periods of blue light can help boost  brain stimulation, specifically with working memory performance. This in turn leads to enhanced reaction times. According to Anna Alkozei, one of the lead authors of this study, “exposure to blue light (like LED light) is almost similar to basking under sunlight, which leads to improved alertness and enhanced performance on response time tasks.” All in all, if you exposure yourself to at least 30 minutes of blue LED light each day, your cognitive task performance may enhance.

Dynamic LED Grow Light: A new devices has been introduced to farmers which would allow them to test out different lighting applications on their crops. They can test out many LED colors on the color spectrum including far red, red, white and blue. This devices gives farmers greater control over cultivation.

LED Exposure to Milk: According to a recent study, LED exposure degrades the quality of milk. Who knew?! Currently when you shop for milk in the supermarkets, they are showcased under LED lighting. This soon could change. A study by Cornell University’s Department of Food Science, determined that LED exposure for as little as a few hours degrades the quality of milk. The next time you visit a supermarket the milk display may or may not change, it all depends on the retailers and if they prefer milk longevity to product display.

Light Technology Reduces Cancer Patients Side Effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy: According to NASA, a newly developed light technology can successfully reduce painful side effects that bone marrow and stem cell transplant cancer patients experience during radiation and chemotherapy. It is a cost-efficient therapy alternative and it also offers several other health benefits to patients.