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How many advantages for outdoor LED module ?

Now we can see outdoor led modules in many places,these applications,regularly for advertising and publicity,it liked by many users and advertisers,here we would like to introduce some advantages of outdoor LED module :

(1) Small size,simple appearance,no redundant restriction.Because of small size ,it’s no need to concern connection and application problem,it can constitute any characters and paintings randomly,installed in different places of outdoor or indoor ;

(2) Easy protection , channel letter use LED module as lighting source ,the operation time is very long ,not easily damaged ,if any defects happened,just need simple replacement,no professional operation,the protection process is also simple;

(3) LED injection advertising module shines uniformly ,after assembled to channel letters,the whole letters looks gorgeous,you cannot see light spot and irregular lights.the simple design attracts those advertisers ,it makes a better publicity effects .

(4) LED module cost is not very high ,because of highly popular of LED products,the quotation has inevitably decreased,as a highly cost performance advertising lighting products ,LED module is easier to show it’s advantage ,not only because it’s later period protection cost is much lower than other advertising light,but also affordable for majority users.

(5) High brightness,this is undoubted,LED injection advertising module ,as lighting source,LED is cold light source,the majority energy can transform to light,don’t like filament lamp which emits the heat,so it’s brightness will be higher than normal lamps and enjoyed a better publicity effects .